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XCHARGE offers customizable “one-stop” smart charging solutions for you to enable a more profitable, efficient and easy to start business, better preparing you for the future of EV-Charging.

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Our story

XCHARGE is a leading High Power Charging solutions provider founded in 2015. From research and development, to manufacturing and sales, XCHARGE is committed to providing a future-proof and scalable smart charging solution to energy companies, bus depots, fleet operators, as well as OEMs worldwide. XCHARGE leads the service platform with subversive design and concept, and strives to help all kinds of charging operators and business partners to run the EV Charging efficiently and profitably.

Since 2015, XCHARGE has installed more than 40,000 XCHARGERS, delivering more than 200 GWh of electricity per month to over 120 electric vehicle models worldwide, especially in Asian, European and North American countries.

Smart charging solutions benefit your business

Our milestones

  • 2021

    Invested by Shell and started strategic partnerships

  • 2020

    New Product Launch HPC C9LQ

  • Sept 2019

    Launch in 25 countries

  • 2018

    Joined CharIN e.V. Deployed 30,000 chargers

  • Dec 2017

    Europe office established in Germany

  • Jul 2016

    Winner Red Dot Award

  • May 2015


Our core values

  • Charging Security

    Secure for people, cars, and environments, secure of privacy, data, interconnection, and implantation scheme is secure for customers, environments and the public.

  • Software Reliability

    Compliance and reliability of data, third parties, user privacy; embedded software is reliable for stability, versatility, and fault tolerance.

  • Hardware Stability

    Stability such as charging equipment, weak electricity system, power system, etc.

  • Service Satisfaction

    Satisfaction from drivers, operators, partners for our customer service, maintenances, cooperations, and operations.

  • Quick Response to customer service

    Quick and efficient response to operators’ proposals and feedbacks for the whole system including hardware, software and services we offer. We are committed to be your trustworthy partner.

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