Build a sustainable business by electrifying your fleets. XCharge service platform enables your customers to easily set up and operate EV fleets with a solution that provides charging on the road, at home and at work. Efficient access control and management for different user groups, absorption of interface cost and ongoing development

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Powerful and scalable, conductive DC charging infrastructures up to 360kW

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C6EU is a revolutionary High Power Smart DC Charger designed to meet the future charging demand in fleet management with the maximum output power up to 150kW. Its IoT system enables OTA upgrades and remote auto diagnosis via OCPP platforms, and the smart power distribution mechanism optimizes the overall operation efficiency and utilization. XCHARGE has delivered 40 units of C6EU chargers to Hertz Corsica, to refuel and managing the electric rental car travelling in Corsica.



40 X 150kW DC fast charger C6EU from XCHARGE to deal with the fast-growing number of EVs in Corsica

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dynamic charging power distribution

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  • Optimization and Reduction

    XCHARGE fleet solution portfolio includes everything fleets need to electrify and optimizes your energy consumption and reduces maintenance costs for your charging infrastructure.

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    E-Mobility is becoming crucial to fleet owners, especially for logistics, car rental companies and corporate use. With our intelligent and profitable solution, your fleet is always ready to go. XCHARGE provides customized solutions that maximize operational performance and help you enhance your e-Mobility strategy as you scale.

Charging station for parking lot operators and depots

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    A compact space-saving solution and design-awarded C6EU with up to 150 kW is one of the small-sized chargers in the industry and provides electricity for commercial parking lots in urban areas. With over 9000 installations worldwide, it is the best-seller in the XCHARGE-DC-portfolio.